Custom Guitar Orders

Heart and Skulls

Our first guitar made with LED lighting. Will be available again in 2020!

Ice Dragon

Part of our Fire and Ice Dragon guitar series. Painted with UV paint.

The Venue Custom

Designed in collaboration with The Venue in Denver, CO. This guitar features a hand painted cityscape with LED accents.


Our third original hand sculpted design which features a hyper realistic resin eye!


Designed for a client as a photo-realistic guitar resembling their dog Kiba. Kiba’s actual dog tag and collar were used in the manufacturing process.


One of our oldest designs. Airbrushed and finished by hand with a ghost pearl effect.


After the responce we received from our XS-1 model we decided to expand the seires.


Designed in collaboration with Xristian Simon of Faster Pussycat. It features full LED illumination!


Made for a client as a gift for her father. This model is hand sculpted with realistic fur detail.

Fire Dragon

The first guitar made for our Fire and Ice Dragon Series. Airbrushed with an extremely bright UV paint.


Designed by our of our staff, this guitar was our first featuring carbon fiber. 

Snake GEN1

This guitar was one of our favorites to paint! Our Snake GEN2 will be released in 2020!

Great White Shark

Our very first guitar manufactured! It has also become our mascot!


Vibrant colors and precise detail make this guitar one of our classics.

Demon Skull

The shape and construction of this model gave the illusion of playing tubular bells.

Eagles and Flag

An American design that is American made! The precise details on this guitar were achieved by using real feathers!


This over-the-top bass featured a spinning sawblade inside an illuminated body. This was gifted to Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue on their final tour.


Our first model to feature our signature illuminated binding, this nautical themed guitar has been an inspiration for many more to come!

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