AURORA Dome Knob


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– Vivid Colors that Glow Brightly Under any UV (blacklight) Source 

– Random Swirl Patterns 

-No two knobs are ever the same!

Knob Information:

  • Simple and Easy to Install  
  • Mirror Like Finish with Comfortable Grip 
  • Made of Extremely Durable and Lightweight Urethane Resin Which Allows for Vivid Colors ★These knobs are not made of metal
  • We use a standard shaft opening that is universal for any 6mm coarse splined, fine splined or solid pot shaft. 
  • Includes a 1/8” set screw to secure the knob to the shaft. Black or Chrome Set Screw option available at checkout. 
  • ★Measure your shaft size before ordering. ¼” shafts are NOT compatible with these knobs!★
  • All of our knobs come with a complimentary alan wrench and lint-free cotton polishing pad. 
  • Installation is extremely SIMPLE
  • Simplicity of installation reduces pushing or pulling, scratching or damaging your instrument trying to install/remove defective, poorly designed competing knobs. Installation 


  • Back out Set Screw Slightly to Allow Easy Placement 
  • Slide Knob on Shaft to Desired Height 
  • Align Set Screw with Shaft Split. (Splined Shaft Only.) Failure to properly align can result in knobs coming loose, falling off, and being lost. 
  • Tighten the Set Screw. Do not over tighten to avoid stripped threads or damage to knob/shaft.
  • Knob Size – 18mmx18mmx18mm 
  • AURORA Knobs come with black set screws unless chrome is requested.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions N/A

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Blue Aurora, Green Aurora, Magenta Aurora, Orange Aurora, Pink Aurora, Purple Aurora, Red Aurora, Teal Aurora, White Aurora, Yellow Aurora


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