Clear Blue Humbucker Pickup Rings (2)


Our Clear Pickup Ring series is made using a crystal clear pigment that allows every ring to be 100% transparent. We were going for a “candy-like” look when we started producing this line and they sure do show it. Whether you are looking for classy or exotic these rings will add a vibrant touch to any guitar!

Standard Flat Humbucker Pickup Ring Information

Our Standard Pickup Rings are manufactured to be simple and easy to install while still retaining their visual stimulation with a mirror like finish. After extensive research we found a material to use in parts production that is extremely durable, lightweight and allows for the most vivid colors and effects. These rings are completely flat with no recess on the undersides. Our pickup rings are durable but will flex enough to mount tight on any body. Mounting screws may be added to your order below.


          Align rings with existing holes or measure carefully to drill new mounting screw holes. Gently tighten screws by hand until cover is pulled down tight. Do not over tighten or the rings may crack or you may strip the screw holes. Polish with provided cloth to remove finger prints.

Flat Humbucker Pickup Ring Information:

Weight: 4.7 grams each

Material: Lightweight Urethane Resin

Size: Outer Dimensions 92mm x 45.5mm; Inner Dimensions 70mm x 39.75mm; Mounting Hole Spacing 84mm x 37.50mm; Pickup Screw Hole Spacing 77.50mm; Thickness 3.175mm. Please refer to photo reference for more detailed measurements.

Fits:  Existing Mounting Holes Spaced 84mm (width) and 37.50mm (height) apart. Please measure carefully before purchasing!


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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2 in


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