Dome Guitar Knobs


Simple and Easy to Install Standard Dome Knob


Mirror Like Finish with Comfortable Grip


Extremely Durable, Lightweight, Vivid Colors

We use a standard shaft opening that is universal for any 6mm coarse splined, fine splined or solid pot shaft. Includes a 1/8” set screw to secure the knob to the shaft. Black or Chrome Set Screw option available at checkout.

Measure your shaft size before ordering. ¼” shafts are NOT compatible with these knobs!

*All of our knobs come with a complimentary allen wrench and lint-free cotton polishing pad.


Installation is extremely SIMPLE. Just follow the instructions below. Simplicity of installation reduces pushing or pulling, scratching or damaging your instrument trying to install/remove defective, poorly designed competing knobs.

Installation Instructions:

  • Back out Set Screw Slightly to Allow Easy Placement
  • Slide Knob on Shaft to Desired Height
  • Align Set Screw with Shaft Split. (Splined Shaft Only.) Failure to properly align can result in knobs coming loose, falling off, and being lost.
  • Tighten the Set Screw. Do not over tighten to avoid stripped threads or damage to knob/shaft.

Xentric Advantage

  • Deeper shaft opening. Allows you to adjust the knob height to your preference. Competing dome knobs often bottom out on taller shafts affecting both appearance and performance.
  • Extremely light weight. Will not affect guitar balance like some heavy brass or even wooden knobs. Our standard knobs weigh 3 grams. Competition knobs can weigh ten times as much, sometimes more. This excessive weight is compounded by three or even four knobs.
  • Vibrant and varied colors
  • Very durable
  • Will not scratch or chip like many chrome or black coated knobs even if dropped.
  • Similar Hardness to hard hats required for safety on construction sites Basically indestructible under normal use.

Basic Knob Info

(For the real geeks!)

Weight: 3 grams
Material: Lightweight Urethane Resin
Size: Standard dome knob – 18mm x 18mm
Fits: ANY 6mm shaft (Custom Sizing Available by Request w/Custom Pricing)


We are happy to refund, exchange, customize or create the right knobs for your project. Subject to return/restocking fees. Knobs damaged by misuse do not qualify.

Our Promise

We will go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. Quickly delivering the highest quality products with the care and compassion only found from other guitar enthusiasts.

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