Video Gallery

This is a gallery dedicated to our custom work and products. See how our customers have used our products and/or what products we have made custom for them.

The “Piano and Guitar Institute Custom”

This was one of the most fun and challenging projects we have ever done. Dirk Krauss from Piano and Guitar Institute asked if we could design a guitar using his company logo. We worked together on the design for a few days and came up with a concept that featured a working piano keyboard in the body of the guitar. This keyboard element would also serve as an actual piece of his logo as well. In the short video below you will see a little bit of the build process as well as us presenting the guitar to Dirk. Enjoy! 

The “FP Guitar Build”

The Faster Pussycat guitar was our first project together with Xristian Simon. Upon agreeing on a design we agreed that for this particular project there were no limits! So we lit up the guitar and fretboard to really accent the sleazy design. This video will walk you through a little bit of the designing and building stages of the guitar.