“When the delivery failed I tried everything in my power to have them recover it, but without skipping a beat the seller sent my order again and it really meant the world in all the headache of filing for a lost package.

Very few items would I say are 6 star and this one of them. Aside from the product being great they really went above and beyond”


“I love these knobs! They look awesome and fit the look of my guitar great, the swirl is so cool. Being made of resin, the polish job on them is outstanding and they really shine! I will be ordering more for my other guitars!”


“Love em’, finish is perfect and fit like a glove. I ordered some pink ones for one of my Warlock’s but these are perfect for the Beast thank you”


“These things are awesome! There not fragile peices either. I backed out the allen wrench screw a little, placed them over the knob with the screw going in between the split of the thread and tightened down and there not going no where. Can also raise them up a little off the knob and tighten if thats your preference. Totally cool looking and sturdy. Looking out for more products from these guys. Oh, forgot to mention that prior to my purchase I asked if some extra photos showing size to help my decision to buy can be done and withing hours got photos and questions answered!!!! Now thats awesome….. Now I need a strap to match. Hey, theres an idea for you guys. Lets see what you can do next.
P.S. The shipping was super fast too!!!!”


“Activated by Blacklight…so they’re perfect for the Clubs!
Look like regular green plastic in regular light, but once the BLACKLIGHT
kicks on, they glow like they’re internally lit!!

Seems to make raver chix a bit frisky 😉
Altho one could argue that they’re always ready to get their freak on!!”